Today we are releasing the v1.4.1 of Phaser Editor!

Download Phaser Editor

Previous v1.4.0 was a preview version with MacOS support, but now it is stable and released as v1.4.1.

In this release some minor bugs was fixed and the new documentation was included.

  • Fixed the TypeScript code generation (public Group field).
  • Missing Design folder in the "simplest" project template.
  • Animation dialog: update combo-box when an animation is deleted.
  • Scene editor: enable the user to insert code at the beginning of the generated file.
  • Improved the texture packer editor in MacOS.
  • Added the new documentation, to the editor offline docs and the website.
  • Fixed some keyboard events in the scene editor in MacOS.

If you have a Phaser Editor installed you can update it following these steps.

In the previous v1.4.0 we released lot of features, take a look.

Download Phaser Editor

See you soon! Arian