phaser editor

A friendly IDE
for HTML5 games creation

Create Multi-Platform Games

Write once, export to the Web and run everywhere! HTML5 games are getting exciting and have a promising future.


Everything in the editor is connected with the Phaser style and standards. It provides an enriched experience where you learn Phaser and take a huge advantage of what you already know.

Scene Maker

A visual editor to compose and layout levels. Edit the properties of the sprites, groups, animations and bodies.

JavaScript Assist

Phaser and Browser API smart completions, source outline, refactorings, help tips, asset names completions and in-line preview.

download phaser editor v1.5.0

Supports Phaser v2.6.2

...the best Phaser editor by far!

Richard Davey at

Phaser is an HTML5 game framework that is quickly gaining attention. If you are ready to move from SWF to HTML5, this is a good way to go! If you'd like an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), there is Phaser Editor!

Newgrounds at

If you are looking for a way to speed up Phaser game development, easily handle and manage your projects and have a dedicated IDE, then you should look at Phaser Editor.

Emanuele Feronato at

If you are serious about Phaser game development, you need this plugin... no excuses for not getting this awesome tool.

GameDev Academy at


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Assets Management

Asset Pack Editor is a powerful and visual tool to define the images, audio files, sprite-sheets and any other asset to be loaded in your game.


Visual Level Editor

Canvas is the tool to quickly layout and setup your game objects. Drop the assets into the scene and edit the properties of the sprites, animations and bodies. Large games can be made on top of prefabs.


JavaScript Assist

Enjoy coding the game logic with the JavaScript editor. It provides Phaser API assistance, code templates, in-line preview of the assets, tween constants replay, refactorings, documentation tooltips.


Texture Packer

Create your texture maps with the built-in Atlas Generator. Sprites are packed with an advanced algorithm (MAX RECTS) to be loaded and rendered faster in your games.


Documentation Tools

Input a code pattern and... Chains (the supersonic Phaser discovery tool) will show you the related examples, documentation and API.



Make a Mario-Style Platformer

A free tutorial to create a simple platformer demo with the Phaser Editor scene maker. Check the final demo online


Official Phaser Tutorials

Tutorials written by members of the Phaser development team.

From Null To Full HTML5 Cross Platform Game

I will take you by hand from the very bare bones of JavaScript until the creation of a complete HTML5 cross platform game using Phaser framework and other FREE software. (by Emanuel Feronato)

The Complete Mobile Game Development Course

Hands-on online course to learn iOS and Android Game Development from total scratch! Learn JavaScript, HTML5, Phaser and Cordova. (by Zenva)

Advanced Game Development with Phaser

Become a Black Belt Phaser developer and create advanced games. Multiplayer included! (by Zenva)