(In April 14 Phaser celebrated its 3rd aniversary: Congratulations! ¬°Felicidades!)

Hi, we are happy to release Phaser Editor v1.1.3 today. This is a version about to improve some of the current features of the editor but specially to support the last Phaser version: 2.4.7.

We are fully focused on the development of Canvas, a new feature of Phaser Editor to create scenes and game objects with a visual tool. However we did a pause to make this delivery, because for us it is priority #1 to deliver an update each time Phaser is released.

Asset Pack

  • Added support for video and shader asset types (introduced in Phaser 2.4).
  • The asset pack editor and explorer icons was improved, many of them show the icon of the underlying image, video, or audio file.
  • The Asset Pack Explorer was renamed to Assets, and it shows only the assets related to the active editor. It means, if you are working on a file of certain project, then the Assets explorer shows only the items under that project.
  • The Assets explorer shows the frames of a spritesheet node as children nodes, each child shows a frame. With this you can quickly identify the index of a frame or open a single frame in the Preview window.
  • The Assets explorer has a new command to open another window, so you can have as many Assets windows as you wish. In games with lot of assets this can help to focus on different sections.

Frames and sprites of atlas are shown individually

JavaScript Editor

  • Auto-completions was updated to the Phaser 2.4.7 API.
  • Completions and hover tips of the easing literals (like "Back.easeInOut") shows a "ball" animation to give a quick feedback of the easing. Again, thanks JavaFX!
  • Asset keys completions show an icon with the underlying image.
  • Improved support of JavaScript in the HTML editor.

JavaScript editor shows easing animation

Preview window

  • The spritesheet preview was updated to show by default the "grid" of sprites together with the number of the frame. If you press Play then the sprites are animated.
  • Now you can visualize a single spritesheet frame or atlas sprite. Before the frames was highlighted in the whole picture, but now the big picture is "cropped" to the sprite bounds.
  • Added support for videos. We use JavaFX to play the videos so probably all HTML5 compatible videos are going to play on it.

Preview spritesheet

Atlas generator

  • Fixed some bugs related to delete a sprite of a multi-page atlas.
  • Improved layout, by default it shows the left-panel with the list of source files.
  • Added a context menu.
  • The list of source files shows the icons of the underlying images.
  • The sprites highlighting was improved too.

Atlas generator

(The art shown in the previous image is part of the game Life of Cuco)

Project wizard

  • The Phaser Examples templates was upated with the Phaser 2.4.7 examples.
  • Bug fixing about to include the Phaser plugins in some templates.
  • Added a new Phaser Editor built-in template: Load Scripts. This template uses the Phaser.Loader to load the scripts of the game. It is an alternative to the common practice of include the scripts in the index.html file or via frameworks like RequireJS. We think this is a very interesting template since it is very easy to add new scripts to your game (just like add any other asset in the asset pack editor) and at the same time, in cases of "huge" script files the game boots faster and can show a feedback of the scripts loading.

Load script in the asset pack


  • Chains and the Phaser Documentation was updated with Phaser v2.4.7.
  • The Phaser Editor Guide remains the same. In this version there is not breaking changes and we think the current tutorials and videos are fully functional: we prefer to update it in the next release when we plan to introduce bigger changes.


  • The source code was moved from Bitbucket to GitHub, I love mercurial but bitbucket is too slow...
  • Now the website is a very simple page. The old website was fun but too heavy and provided few information at the first glance. The new one is not an exciting thing but yet I feel those free templates available out there are too cold :)


Two weeks ago Phaser was celebrating its 3rd aniversary, in few days Phaser Editor will reach the first year of development, and we feel very good about that, in the next release we plan to deliver Canvas, that, as we mentioned before, is going to move the editor to a next level, with a tool to visually build game objects and screens. The first version will be very basic, but we see lot of potential on it, because the full integration with the current asset manager (aka Phaser Asset Pack) and the cero distance with the Phaser higher API and concepts.

Recently Phaser Editor was featured in the README of the official Phaser repository, that is amazing, THANKS RICH AND TEAM! We think it validates our work and pushes us to do it with more passion and engagement.

See you soon and don't forget to try Phaser Editor and subscribe to our newsletter!