After 6+ months of development finally I am happy to announce today the first Phaser Editor commercial release. There are not major changes in relation to the last RC, maybe the biggest one is that now you can access the source code.

As usual, you can download Phaser Editor from here and use it as an evaluation product. If you find it is good for you, then you can purchase a copy (or compile it by yourself).

If you purchase Phaser Editor then you will get my personal support by email plus 1 year of updates and upgrades.

Next thing I like to do is to start working on the version for Linux and later for Mac. But as soon as I complete them, I will continue working in some of the many ideas I have for this editor, so the next year will be full of new stuff.

If you find any bug or you want to request a feature, please feel free to open an issue in our Bitbucket repository.

To finish, I like to thanks those who contributed with comments, likes and shares, it really helps when it is only one developer doing his best ;-)