We are pleased to announce that the release candidate Phaser Editor 15.11 RC is available for the public.

This release comes with a complete new website, a blog (this one you are reading), a quick start guide and a couple of demo videos.

Yet this is an evaluation product, we are working on a selling platform and looking forward to open the source to the community (MIT license).

In the meantime you can use this version we deliver today, it is features complete and does not have an expiration date, it just shows an "evaluation" warning from time to time.

Download Phaser Editor 15.11 RC

Release notes

  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Updated to Phaser 2.4.4 (API smart completion, Chains, Examples project templates).
  • Texture Atlas editor was completed with a production ready set of parameters.
  • Enable all JavaScript validations.
  • Reworked the project templates and added the new Phaser Coding Tips templates.