Release v1.5.0_1, April 10, 2018




(Known issue: excecution permission)

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If you already have a previous version of the editor you can upgrade it following these instructions.

Free edition

By default, the editor runs in a Free mode. This mode contains all the features but puts some limits on the number of assets you can use:

Canvas files: only 15 allowed.

Texture maps: only 5 allowed.

Tilemaps: only 3 allowed.

If you like to remove those limits, purchase a license key.

Unlock the editor

Purchase a license key to unlock Phaser Editor Premium edition

If you purchase a license you get:

  • An unlimited number of assets.
  • Free updates for the time supported by the license.
  • Promo codes for future related tools or materials.
  • Personal support by email (in English and Spanish).
  • The option to refund the product if you don't like it. This option is valid only for 1 month. We recommend trying the editor before to buy it.

There is three type of licenses:

  • Phaser Editor 1 Year License
  • Phaser Editor 2 Years License
  • Phaser Editor Lifetime License

All the editor features are unlocked with any of the licenses. The only difference between the licenses is the expiration time.

Purchase a license key to unlock Phaser Editor


Phaser Editor does not require any special install. However it is a Java-based application, the Java run-time is embedded so the editor runs out of the box. Both the Windows and Linux versions require a 64-bits operating system. We recommend Linux users to read the installation guide.

Known issues

Read the MacOS execution permission issue.

If you find any issue please report it.

Source code

Phaser Editor is open source (EPL), you can fetch the code from our repository or open an issue if you find a bug or want to request a feature.


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